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FXPAYGATE is specialised in offering card payment solutions online, and merchant accounts worldwide - but we see ourself as your local supplier wherever you are in the world. When you look at FXPAYGATE from the outside, the first thing you will notice is our website, our platforms, our real- time systems and our products. So initially at least, it is all about technology, products and market positioning on the outside. But when you look at FXPAYGATE from the inside, it's about people. All of those things are thought about by people, designed by people, created by people and executed by people. Within FXPAYGATE our company language is English, but we also speak many other major European languages. We will always strive to expand our language resources within FXPAYGATE to be able to act as a local supplier worldwide. FXPAYGATE is one of the major payment service providers on the international market, and we have the benefit of a very strong supplier net of top tier European banks, buying power and financial strength. Just like you, we are focused on bringing our client value for money, and in so doing, we encourage your loyalty.

About Us

Technical reasons
All FXPAYGATE software is developed in-house by our team of programmers, designers and architects. Any special requirements can be handled directly by our staff in a professional and timely manner. Our strong industry experience has allowed us to develop a broad range of products that satisfy leading marketing methodologies. We differ ourselves from competitors through our consistent use of advanced technologies and unique applications to provide the best value for money solutions to our Credit Card Merchants. Furthermore, we have the highest PCI certification and PSP status, that is how the Banks classify our technical and security level in the Processing industry. With this certification, both Banks, merchants and card holders can be sure that FXPAYGATE's systems and infrastructure always is 100% secure.
You need a local partner
We leverage the technical and financial assets of our global partners to offer your clients payments in their local currencies. This is an important aspect of our software. It allows your customers use of local payment cards that aren't issued for international use, such as Visa or MasterCard.
You need 100% uptime
Often with other payment providers, there is a single point of failure that will bring an entire system down. For example, if the bank experiences downtime, often that means that you will also experience downtime. FXPAYGATE is able to seamlessly redirect that transaction through another financial establishment, ensuring that your system is working 100% of the time.
You need real time information
We consider the communication between our companies a key factor of success for a good relationship. In aid of this, we give you access to our unique administration interface: A private forum between you and us.
Strategical Reasons
With FXPAYGATE, your company will have access to receive Credit Card payments World Wide, multiple currencies and a plethora of local payment cards. FXPAYGATE are strategically, technically and financially independent of any bank, government or corporation. Feel free to contact us personally and find out why we are the best payment provider available.
Financial Reasons
Because of the high turnover we bring to our selected banks and partners, we are about to give you the very best out payments. In addition to this, our accounting department is committed to guarantee reliable and accurate payments.

A Multi-Cultural Company

FXPAYGATE has experienced an extensive growth and rising commitment on all continents. Today our company is supplying Payment Solutions both in Europe as well as World-wide. Our products range from Online Credit Card merchant accounts for both low and high risk merchants, Online loyalty and Wallet systems. As FXPAYGATE is committed to act as a local Online Payment Solution provider, we strive to employ people from different cultural backgrounds and to provide the company with a unique, dynamic and international atmosphere. At FXPAYGATE, we put a lot of effort into integrating multi cultural employees, professionally as well as socially. Right from the start the multi cultural employees are put through an education program, which includes training in sales, service and support and risk management techniques. FXPAYGATE use both internal and external courses and a thorough training concerning our products, company and our morals and ethics.

Career Information
Investment in the right people is crucial for growth and reputation at FXPAYGATE. Education and training is essential in order for us to face up to the great challenges of the future. FXPAYGATE highly value our customers, colleagues and especially you, if you are one our new potential employees. The main characteristic of our company is an inspiring and friendly working environment, where the integrity of our employees is greatly valued. When our employees love working for us, our customers can tell. You may not be as happy as when you arrive at a stunning holiday hotel, but working life offers its own set of unique challenges and goals. Our success depends on the motivation, pro activeness and commitment of all our employees and that their work is done with quality, honesty, high and the highest ethics
Career Openings
We have no specific career openings now. Our rate of growth is such that it's inevitable we will be hiring soon. We welcome approaches from talented individuals.

Mission Statement

To generate superior, consistent returns on our capital.
To motivate, challenge, fulfil, and reward employees, and enable them to develop and excel in their professional careers and reach their personal goals.
Clients and Partners
To meet or exceed expectations through superior service and support, innovation, excellent systems and respectful and fair treatment.
We base our business decisions on facts, logic and reality. We avoid wishful thinking. We face challenges, markets, and competitors openly and rationally, recognising and analyzing thoroughly the reality we have to deal with.
We think and act independently of convention and external opinions. If we disagree with internal opinions or instructions, we challenge them immediately and directly. We recognize that this independence gives us personal responsibility for all we do.
We mean and deliver what we say. We stand by our convictions irrespective of what others might seek to force upon us. We do not compromise our virtues.
Honesty We recognise
that only through honesty and fairness can we build lasting relationships based on trust and ensure that we make the right decisions based on reality.
We recognize that not all people and all things are the same. We react to what is good and to what is bad. We give praise, reward and reinforce where we see good performance, and we criticize and correct where we see bad performance.
We work only to produce excellent results and we produce these results to improve our business and our lives as much as possible. Producing superior results and maximizing value benefits shareholders as well as employees and clients.
We recognize and enjoy that we earn the right to be proud of our achievements, when we consistently perform to the very best of our capacity and apply these virtues.


FXPAYGATE is specialized in offering on-line merchant account solutions to merchants. Our outstanding service is available to Forex as well as High Risk Merchant accounts. Our intuitive technical solutions, extensive industry knowledge and flexibility to the evolving requirements of our clients are just some of the reasons so many clients are now choosing us. FXPAYGATE' s monthly growth dwarfs the annual growth of most blue-chip customers. At FXPAYGATE we aim to be the leading payment provider in the Industry. Big ideas don't just happen though. To be the biggest we must give our clients exactly what they need. We have to offer superior service and we must do all this, at the best possible price. The flexibility of our API integration and our administration interface will allow you to easily access financial information, statistics and graphs at the touch of a button. FXPAYGATE are partners with a diverse range of banks and major payment gateways for international card processing, and we share the benefits of a strong and reliable processing solution with you.

Card Processing

With FXPAYGATE you only need to have one payment provider, as FXPAYGATE offer both a merchant account and the gateway facility all in the same agreement. You do not need to have several agreements or have several points of contacts. With your FXPAYGATE merchant account, you will have a direct contract/agreement with the bank and FXPAYGATE (multiparty agreement), so you as a merchant still benefit from the security by having a direct relationship with the bank. FXPAYGATE can offer the most secure, flexible and competitive solution on the market.

3D Secure Processing

3D secure is so called because of the 3 domains involved in the verification process. Online merchants face specific challenges in accepting payment by card. In all CNP transactions it impractical to obtain the customer's signature. 3D secure allows merchant to validate that a cardholder is authorised to use the card. The key benefit of 3D secure is that liability for the chargeback is shifted from the merchant to the issuing bank in the majority of cases. If the shopper claims to have not received the goods, or to have received defective goods this does not apply. 3D Secure operates within the payment page and interacts with both the shopper and the issuing bank. During the checkout process, a simple pop-up box appears asking the shopper to enter a private code that has been registered with their bank. Frequently at this point in time, activation during shopping ADS occurs, either because the customer is not setup or has forgotten their password/code. The issuing bank then validates that code and provides the merchant with a means of accepting a guaranteed bona fide transaction.


AVS Service - Address Verification Service The Address Verification Service (AVS) helps merchants to validate elements of the cardholder's billing address with the card Issuer. It is of significant help when determining whether a transaction is valid. AVS is currently supported by banks in a limited number of countries but has proven to be an effective anti-fraud measure in the Cardholder Not Present environment. Card Verification Value (CV2) The card verification value is a three-digit code generally printed on the signature strip of a card or in the case of Amex, 4 digits on the front. The CV2 code helps validate that the purchaser has the card in their possession at the time of purchase. All cards must contain a CV2 code. Research by Visa has indicated that CV2 is also an effective deterrent to fraud in the cardholder not present environment and can reduce fraud in some environments by more than 60%.

Fraud Screening

Fraud and the risk of chargeback are two of the most prevalent dangers faced by today's online merchant. At a basic level these issues can damage profit margins. At their most destructive fraud and chargebacks can endanger a business and jeopardize merchant status. Whilst card schemes and card issuers protect consumers against such risks, it is invariably the merchant who bears the majority of these costs. For each chargeback raised against fraudulent activity, a business will lose funds received and incur additional fees. It is estimated that such fraud could cost businesses over £4 billion in 2009 alone. At FXPAYGATE, protecting our merchants from these dangers is a service we undertake very seriously. Our growing suite of tools and services is aimed at providing merchants every opportunity to tackle fraud and the risk of chargeback by both proactive and reactive means. It's important to note that such losses are not the full extent of the problem. Incurring chargebacks, whether or not as a result of fraud, can put a merchant account in jeopardy. Card schemes monitor this activity and by exceeding their defined thresholds, merchants may have their card processing suspended and in extreme cases, hefty fines can be imposed. FXPAYGATE Fraud Screening uses the proven screening system ebitGuard from Retail Decisions as well as the international address verification process (AVS) and card number verification process (CVV2/CVC2). This offers the online merchant the ideal fraud prevention service, ensuring a high level of security without unnecessary turnover loss. FXPAYGATE Fraud Screening responds within seconds, giving the merchant a firm recommendation for each credit card transaction, making three distinct responses: ACCEPT, DENY or CHALLENGE. All ACCEPT transactions can be processed without hesitation; DENY transactions should rather be rejected. Transactions which are marked as CHALLENGE should be rechecked separately by the merchant, to decide on acceptance or rejection. This clear, three-stage assessment system helps you to differentiate quickly between fraudulent and clean credit card transactions. You can minimise your chargeback rate and optimise your payment processing costs with FXPAYGATE Fraud Screening to ensure your everyday online selling success. You Benefit With FXPAYGATE Fraud Screening Completely embedded and integrated, FXPAYGATE Fraud Screening offers you a clear and firm recommendation for each individual credit card transaction. You are allowed to determine your own risk tolerance. You can depend on our practically proven scoring methods and on the expertise of experienced risk analysts. You can reduce your chargeback rate to a fraction of the current figure, as well as optimising payment processing costs, thereby giving you a distinct advantage in your daily online business.

PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard has been developed by Visa and MasterCard to restore consumer confidence in card payments. Merchants that do not comply with the standard face the prospect of substantial fines imposed by the card schemes in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds or be permanently barred from the card acceptance programme. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a world-wide benchmark mandated by the card schemes for the protection of cardholder identity and transaction information. To help organisations ensure that they are compliant with this new standard, FXPAYGATE has combined its well-established specialisms in card transaction processing and security consultancy to offer a package of PCI compliance consulting services that cover initial risk assessment through to compliance certification. In recent years, cardholder security breaches have seriously harmed company reputations and damaged consumer trust and confidence. According to the DTI Security Breaches Survey, 64% of large companies reported staff misuse of IT systems, 39% reported unauthorised access by outsiders (including hacking attempts) and 49% reported computer-related theft or fraud. The average cost to a large company of a serious security incident is in the order of £120,000. To address these issues, Visa and MasterCard have developed the PCI data security standard in order to restore consumer confidence in card payments. The PCI standard aims to give cardholders the assurance that their card details are safe and secure when their debit or credit card is offered at the point of sale, over the Internet, on the phone or through mail order. Merchants that do not comply with the standard face the prospect of substantial fines imposed by the card schemes in the order of hundreds of thousands of pounds or of being permanently barred from the card acceptance programme, should a security breach occur which involves their systems or processes. Although the initial focus is on online transactions, PCI compliance applies to any organisation that stores, processes or transmits cardholder data and consequently effects merchants with physical stores as well as banks, processors and service providers. FXPAYGATE is working closely together with FinanceWide to make sure that FXPAYGATE's systems are completely secure and compliant with the issued standards from PCI DSS at all times.

Consulting Services

FXPAYGATE's consultants specialises in delivering business value for clients by optimising their investment in current IT infrastructure or by taking innovative approaches to developing new systems and processes. Our consultants adopt a partnership approach to working with clients across the complete project lifecycle from strategy to implementation and operation. The Logic Group's consultancy practice has two areas of specialisation: Infrastructure In order to stay competitive businesses, need to maximise the benefits from IT and communication systems. Technology continues to change rapidly and it's often a struggle to keep up with the latest products and options. Selecting the right IT infrastructure requires an in-depth knowledge of both business and technology needs. FXPAYGATE has the right skills and expertise to help IT Directors bridge this gap, assessing the effectiveness of existing structures and making recommendations to ensure that technology and secure infrastructure supports business needs. We has been able to bring hard business benefits to clients, improving their IT infrastructure effectiveness while reducing their costs. Card Processing, Fraud and Security The increasing reliance on IT infrastructure and the proliferation in the number of communication technologies means that risk of a malicious attack or security breach are escalating. Clearly, organisations need to pay greater attention to the security of their systems and data. Our consultants can provide assessments and plan improvement programmes based around international standards and government best practice recommendations. FXPAYGATE has built a great experience in the field of information and system security, having assisted leading organisations with their security requirements. FXPAYGATE understands that improved IT security does not lie in deployment of a new technical solution but in a holistic approach based on corporate culture, security policies, architectural standards, procedures and technologies. We can also offer a range of security solutions and outsourced services, covering such areas as network management, encryption, firewalls and payer authentication.


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